Zip HydroTap G4 Domestic

Truly exceptional kitchens deserve truly exceptional appliances. That’s why we created the HydroTap G4, the world’s most advanced drinking water appliance.
The HydroTap is unique, delivering boiling, chilled, filtered and sparkling water from one iconic tap. Recognised the world over, Zip HydroTaps are the first and last word in versatility, style and cutting-edge technology, as well as being an essential cooking aid for the contemporary kitchen.

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Water 4 you ZIP domestic


The iconic name in instant drinking water appliances since 1962, Zip has led the world in creating exceptional products for over half a century.
Since its introduction over 10 years ago, Zip HydroTap has earned a reputation for unparalleled quality. The new G4 is so reliable that we’ve confidently extended our warranty to 5 years*.
Supported by the largest national company-owned installation and service team in our industry, you will enjoy peace of mind when you choose Zip HydroTap G4.


Technology - Designed around you
Our HydroTaps feature the very latest technology, meaning they do more than offer a convenient cup of tea or cold drink. The integrated new Zip 0.2-micron filtration system removes dirt and contaminants up to 25 times finer than previous models. Even the taste and odour of chlorine is removed, but fluoride is retained, so the whole family can enjoy crystal clear, great tasting water.


Design - Iconic for Timelessness
Since the development of the Zip HydroTap, its iconic robust design and function has stood testament to the Zip values of innovation and sustainability. Found in prestigious homes and apartments across the world, the HydroTap will become a unique statement for your home and kitchen and an essential tool for your busy lifestyle.


We offer repairs, maintenance, filter changes and servicing of all Zip products. 


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Zip HydroTap G4 Domestic



 *Appliance warranty 24 months. Boiling tank warranty 60 months. See page 18 for more information.

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